Laksa Beras Kuah Ikan Kari

Laksa Beras with Fish Curry Gravy


200g EKA LAKSA BERAS THAI, soaked to soften, cooked

Fish curry gravy:
• 200ml water
• 100g fish fillet
• 300ml coconut milk 

Curry paste (pounded):
• 12 dried chillies, soaked in hot water to soften
• 1 stalk lemongrass
• 5 slices galangal
• 5 pips garlic
• 10 shallots
• 1” turmeric
• 1 tsp fermented shrimp paste (gapi)

• 1 tbsp Thai palm sugar
• 1 tbsp fish sauce
• 2 tbsp tamarind juice

• Hard boiled eggs, shredded cabbage, mint leaves and red chillies

Cooking Method

  1. Heat up oil, saute curry paste and add in fish fillet
  2. Stir well slowly
  3. Gradually pour in coconut milk
  4. Add in seasoning, stir well and bring to boil
  5. Serve fish curry gravy hot with laksa beras, egg, cabbage, mint leaves and red chillies

(2-3 hidangan)

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