Kongsi Saat-saat Kegembiraan Contest

Terms & Conditions

A: Contest Details

Organiser: Eka Foodstuff Sdn Bhd

Contest: Kongsikan Saat-saat Kegembiraan 2020 Anda!

Contest Period Starting Date:     10 January 2021 (00:00:00am)

Closing Date:  10 March 2021 (23:59:59pm)

Qualification(s) The contest is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above during the contest period. The Organiser shall reserve the right to request for evidence of identification documents.  

Entry Deadline All Entries must be received by the Organiser on or before 10 March 2021 (23:59:59). All Entries received later than the Entry Period will be automatically disqualified.

* First Prize: RM1000 + Hamper x 3 winners
* Second Prize:RM500 + Hamper x 6 winners
* Third Prize: RM200 + Hamper x 10 winners
* Special Prize: RM500 + Hamper x 1 winner

Method of Participation:

1. Choose a nice picture that represents your wonderful moment in year 2020

2. Write a SHORT caption about the photo

3. Share your post on EKA Malaysia Facebook Fanpage

4. Generate 👍🏻 on your post and 👍🏻 EKA Malaysia Fanpage

5. Participants who stand a chance to win will be selected based on the total number of Facebook “Likes” (60%) and determined by the panel of judges (40%).


1. The Organiser will not be responsible for any copyright issues which arise due to the entry that was submitted by the participant(s).

2. Any kind of plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification of the concerned participant(s).

3. The Organiser would like to remind all participants who are found to have violated the rules set in this Contest especially in the way of obtaining the "Like" that the Organiser has the right to disqualify the said participant(s) in this Contest.

4.   Participants agree not to include in their entry; materials that infringe and/or violate any third party’s intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyright or trademark rights, or rights of privacy or publicity.

Notification of winners and claimant of prizes: 

1. An announcement would be made through the EKA Malaysia Facebook, at the latest, 30 days after the conclusion of the contest.

2. Winners who are listed but failed to be contacted by the Organiser would be disqualified.

3. A prize presentation session would be held at a date to be decided later.

Part B: Terms of Participation

  1. General Guidelines
  2. This contest is organised by Eka Foodstuff Sdn Bhd, also known as EKA Malaysia (hereinafter referred to as “the Organiser” and is not connected or related to any other brands).
  3. Participation in the contest is open to Malaysian citizens only.
  4. All participants must read and understand the Terms & Conditions of Participation Chart which are referred to as the “Terms & Conditions”.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right, at any given time, to make changes to the terms & conditions including altering the contest period, replacing the prizes, cancelling, ending or suspending the Contest as a whole or part thereof. In the event there are any amendments to the terms & conditions, the continued participation of the contestant(s) in the contest indicates his/her agreement with the amended terms & conditions.
  6. The decision of the Organiser in all matters concerning the contest including the decision by the judges and the list of winners is final and is not subjected to dispute by the contestants. Any written or submitted appeals towards the judges’ decision will not be entertained. 

2. Criteria of Participation

  1. All participants would be considered to have agreed with the terms & conditions set upon/through your participation in the contest.
  2. All participants will bear the costs incurred related to the contest. All costs and expenses such as telecommunication charges, SMSes, postage and all other charges will be borne by the participant(s).
  3. Proof of participation is not proof of receipt by the Organiser. The Organiser will not be held responsible under whatever circumstances such as the loss of participation forms, spoilt or lateness due to network and/or equipment/hardware failure or network firewall for any given situation, be it beyond or within expectation and/or reasonable direct control.   

3. Prizes    

  1. The Organiser or its representative will not be held responsible over participants who fail to claim their prizes in accordance with the conditions set for the Claiming of Prizes / Date for Presentation of Prizes. The Organiser reserves the right to handle unclaimed prizes as it deems fit.
  2. Prize winners are non-transferable, assignable and redeemable in any manner other than the one set by the Organiser.
  3. The Organiser will not be held responsible over any additional costs which are not specified in the Terms & Conditions of Participation Chart.  
  4. All prizes must be claimed in accordance with the terms & conditions set by the Organiser.
  5. All prizes must be claimed by the winners themselves unless any other claim methods are specified by the Organiser.

4. Publicity

The Organiser reserves the right to use the finished works of the participants without limitations including the use of photos, pictures, text and contents or any information submitted for the purpose of participating in the contest (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘the items’), and the names of the participants for the purpose of advertising, publicity and promotion of the Organiser’s products without a specified time limit to the world at large without any remuneration and through all media channels.

5. Rights of the Organiser

  1. In this contest, the Organiser reserves the right to make changes, cancellation, termination or suspension of prizes without the need of giving prior notice. The Organiser also has the absolute right to replace the prizes with other goods of similar value without the need of giving prior notice. It must be noted that all prizes claimed may not be exchanged for other goods or cash.
  2. Towards the end of the contest, all decisions made by the Organiser are final. No correspondence will be entertained.
  3. The participation in the contest and the receipt of prizes are an indication of permission given to the Organiser to use the name and photo of the participant(s) for publicity and advertising purposes without remuneration and the need for a given prior notice.
  4. The Organiser will not be held responsible for any loss, spoilt, defective or stolen prizes before and after the collection of prizes.
  5. The Organiser will not be held responsible for any printing error on publicity paraphernalia distributed in the market.  
  6. By taking part in the contest, participants would be deemed to have read, understood and agreed with the listed terms & conditions and accept that all decisions by the Organiser are final and that the Organiser reserves the right to change, amend, add or to drop any terms & conditions at any given time without prior notice to the participants, who are bound by such changes. 

6. Intellectual Property Rights

Participants in the contest agree that all the intellectual property rights of the contents and/or items submitted by them for the purpose of participating in the contest are held and owned by the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to use and to amend the submitted items and works as it deems fit without remuneration for the participant(s) and participant(s) agree with the transfer of his/her rights to the Organiser.

7. Notice Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010

  1. By means of your participation in the contest, you agree with EKA Foodstuff Sdn Bhd and its suppliers, agents and contractors who provide administrative support, business and those whose actions are on behalf of the company, for the processing of your personal information which is submitted for the purpose of this contest. All the mentioned information, including the disclosure of names, photos and any other information related thereof to the public at large when you emerge as one of the winners, will be done without remuneration for advertising and publicity purposes.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to use your personal data for the purpose of information submission or marketing paraphernalia, promotion of Organiser’s products, samples, events or any other contests arranged by the Organiser.
  3. In the situation which you disclose the personal data of a person whom you intend to refer to the Organiser, you undertake that you have obtained the concerned individual’s agreement to share his/her personal information with us and is willing to be contacted by us.
  4. Under certain circumstances, the Organiser might appoint a third party to process your personal data. The Organiser will ensure that the appointed third party is contractually tied to take relevant measures so that your personal data is kept safe and will not be used for any other purposes apart from the ones specified here and in the Privacy Notice which can be viewed at http://www.eka.com.my
  5. As far as permissible by law, you have the right to request for access to us, request for copies, request us to update or to correct your personal data kept by us. 
  6. For more information on our Privacy Notice, please refer to our Privacy Notice which is available at http://www.eka.com.my. We reserve the right to update and amend our Privacy Notice from time to time.  

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